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thereís nothing to ingest, you just need to position the magnets, every day for the first months, and then itís suggested to decrease the frequency, even though Iím continuing to wear them every day for now.

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Auricular Therapy

Zerodiet self treatment auricular therapy is based on the principle of acupuncture but instead of using needles which pierce the skin uses magnetic pressure on specific areas of the ear.

It is a therapeutic discipline recognised by the World Health Organisation and helps to promote wellbeing through stimulation of the auricle, the external part of the ear. It is a truly effective science which dates back to the time of ancient Egypt when auricular therapy was already in use.

But it was Doctor P Nogier who, in Lyons France in 1951, made a great contribution to the study of auricular therapy by proving the close relationship between the ear and the central nervous system.

It has recently been recognised in medical circles that acupuncture principles applied to auricular therapy can stimulate specific points of the ear and thereby induce neurotransmitters to produce endorphins.

Each point of the auricle forms a minute neurovascular complex through which a continuous exchange of information is generated between the ear, the brain and the organs. Zerodiet system uses two tiny pure gold enriched bio-magnets to apply pressure to the point that stimulates neurotransmitters which trigger the release of the same endorphins as those which produce satisfaction and enjoyment when we eat. This has the effect of suppressing appetite and feelings of hunger which dictate how often and how much we eat.

Tested and recommended by the I.S.I.A.
Higher Institute of Food Hygiene

And by specialised medical centres in the USA and Canada. Global research on obesity that is not caused by medical disorders attributes the cause approximately 30% of cases of excess weight to overeating.

How to use the Magnets

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Position of the magnets


The magnets will stay in the correct position by magnetic attraction.