"I had been using the magnets for a few days,

when during dinner my partner asked if they were working. I replied that I wasn't sure. Then I realised that I had only eaten a few mouthfuls and felt completely full up!

Eva from Watford

What is ZeroDiet?

Zerodiet is an amazing new and exciting approach to weight control. Using auricular therapy and acupressure, the system was developed and launched in Italy two years ago since which time over 1 million have been sold in Europe mainly by recommendation with demand outstripping supply. Unlike other weight loss systems, using Zerodiet magnets requires no pills or liquids, attendance at embarrassing weight loss clubs or confinement to fashionable fad food regimes.

This innovative and patented self help program works on the principles of auricular therapy, where the ear is stimulated, and acupressure, based on the ever more popular field of acupuncture now recognised by the NHS but without piercing the skin. Two small gold plated magnets are placed on specific parts of the ear for a specified amount of times. The pressure from the magnets stimulate the neurotransmitters which send messages to the brain to release endorphins to take away your craving for food, after eating just a small amount you get a feeling of fullness and it becomes uncomfortable to eat more, this causes you to eat less without having to go hungry. It is an incredibly effective weight loss technique and has passed clinical trials.

After proving its success and popularity as a really healthy and easy self treatment weight loss system the original patented Zerodiet system has now become available in the UK approved as a CE medical device, and also in USA where it has been approved by the FDA, the official US Agency which has to vet all medical products. So don't be fooled by cheaper unauthorised weight loss magnets which are ineffective.

The secret of long term weight regulation is to re-educate our bodies not to create the desire for food superfluous to our needs. Fad diets that come and go can be effective temporarily but have no lasting value because they demand too many sacrifices – both lifestyle and financial.

The Zerodiet system is a once and for all time purchase and acupressure using magnets can be relied on to help maintain a desired weight level indefinitely without further cost or discomfort. Personal self treatment makes therapy visits unnecessary and it can be used with any other diet or weight loss programme to accelerate progress or provide additional long term benefit.

All achieved without difficulty and effort on the part of the individual.

Tested and recommended by the I.S.I.A.
Higher Institute of Food Hygiene

And by specialised medical centres in the USA and Canada. Global research on obesity that is not caused by medical disorders attributes the cause approximately 30% of cases of excess weight to overeating.

Auricular Therapy

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