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Why is losing weight so difficult?

Whilst classic “crash course” treatments to lose excess weight based on the day’s fashionable food fad (be it grapefruit, cabbage or grated fan belt!), or associated with using appetite reducing drugs, can be effective in the short term they are not without side effects. It is normal to experience negative factors such as intense hunger, craving for a particular (often sweet) food, anxiety, irritability, negative mood changes etc – all psychological effects of restrictive diets that make it impossibly difficult to keep to.

As a result, the patient soon becomes disillusioned, betrays the weight loss programme and instead of losing weight often puts on weight to compensate for such unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This in due course leads to the need to lose weight again and so the whole process continues – the weight cycling syndrome known as the yo-yo effect. These weight fluctuations can create a greater risk of mortality and heart disease than for obese individuals with stable body weights.

Why is zerodiet different?

You have complete control of your desired weight loss which can enable you to achieve the reduction naturally at your own pace without artificial stimulants or the need to eat special food just by applying the magnets at shorter or longer intervals. Zerodiet re-educates your food expectation so that you don’t feel hunger and eat less than normal which enables you to maintain the weight level you desire in the long term. The zerodiet system will always be at hand whenever you need to top up treatment and involves no further expense or inconvenience. Based on the recognised therapeutic practice of acupuncture, weight loss can be self-administered through acupressure without piercing the skin.

What part does the auricle play?

The ability to affect dietary behaviour using magnetic pressure therapy to stimulate precisely defined zones of the auricle is the characterising element of this treatment for weight loss.

Dietary behaviour in man is the result of a complex interaction between environmental, cognitive, emotional and biological factors which, represented by sensations of hunger and repletion, take on a highly important role in influencing short term and long term food consumption and it is precisely on these conditions that auricular stimulation seems to have its main effects.

Tested and recommended by the I.S.I.A.
Higher Institute of Food Hygiene

And by specialised medical centres in the USA and Canada. Global research on obesity that is not caused by medical disorders attributes the cause approximately 30% of cases of excess weight to overeating.

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